Support a church plant

Can you imagine getting to be a part of planting a new church?  What would it take?  First and formost, you would need the leading of the Holy Spirit, but there are some other considerations.  Forming a new congregation means making new disciples of Christ through the preaching of the Good News.  But even if these things happen, there are real practical concerns to making a new church plant a reality.  It needs leadership in the form of local pastors, a place to meet i.e. a building, and resources to continue to do evangelism in their community.  

Be a prayer partner

We are always looking for those prayer warriors who would take us before the throne in prayer.  It would be best if you or your small group prayed with specificity, so we send periodic newsletters to help you know what to pray for.  Click below to sign up to become a prayer partner. 

Give online

If you prefer to give online we have set up PayPal giving.  Even if you don't have PayPal you can use any credit card or debit card to partner with us.  Your support goes toward outreach ministries and to our daily family needs. You can choose to do a one time gift or partner with us monthly.

Support by check

If your not big on online donation and would prefer to mail a check, you can make checks payable to Kontaktmission USA. 

Kontaktmission USA
P.O. Box 825
Humboldt, TN 38343-0825

Very important! - Please include a note with your check indicating your support for 'Compass Christian Church Ukraine'. 

In accordance with IRS regulations, please leave the memo line of your check blank.

Give monthly

If you would like to do automatic monthly giving ACH is a great option

  1. Print, complete and sign this ACH authorization form. 
  2. Include a voided check from the account you wish to use
  3. Mail the form and voided check to the KMUSA office or scan them to [email protected]

Make a note on your form that this should be allocated to the Compass Ukraine project. 

We will send an e-mail to confirm when your donations will begin!

Our Partners

About Ukraine

After being cloaked in secrecy for many years under the Soviet Union, many people have little understanding of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture.  The Ukrainian people have a rich and beautiful culture forged through centuries of hardship... Read More>

About Kontaktmission

Kontaktmission Ukraine has been serving the Ukrainian people since 1994.   We serve in different ways, but the easiest way to categorize missionary efforts might be through our core values; send, plant, multiply... Read more>>  

About our ministry

Officially we are church planters in Ukraine, but this means a lot more than just gathering people together to become a new church.  From outreach to building up the established church there is more than enough work to do... Read More>>

We want to hear from you!

We love hearing from our supporters and partners.  Feel free to drop us a line, be it encouragement, constructive criticism, or needs that you might have.  We ask for your prayers, but we also want to be praying for you! So let us know how God can be using us in your lives. 

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Partnering with us

Being in full time ministry and providing our basic needs is an endeavor that takes spiritual and financial resources.  If you would like to be a part of our ministry in Ukraine, please click below to fill out a giving form with our sending agency Kontaktmission. 

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